How to Follow Your Yellow Brick Road

08 Jan 2018 12:50 PM | Anonymous

Pull back the emerald curtain and take a reflective look at 2017. I encourage all Talent Development Professionals to turn an eye inward and reflect on well, the good and the not so good from the past year. Reflecting is a meaningful way to help us reframe going into 2018 with a positive momentum. Consider these thoughtful questions below to encourage some self-introspection.

  • Did any event in the past year challenge or call into question your values?
  • What is the most significant question you have avoided?
  • What is one piece of “unfinished business” for 2017?
  • What do you want to learn in 2018?
  • Who do you want to spend more time with in 2018?
  • What skills or strengths do you want to use more of in 2018?
  • At the end of 2018, what do you want to have more of?

We each have our own yellow brick road to travel, our own story and journey, on this wonderful road called ‘life’. Our journey is often challenging and engaging, with an occasional fork in the road or even road block that gets in our way. ATD Sacramento Chapter invites you to create your own path. Find your skill, embrace your strengths, and engage with our amazing community of Talent Development Professionals.

“To ‘know Thyself’ is considered quite an accomplishment.”
~L. Frank BaumThe Marvelous Land of Oz


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