Volunteer Opportunities

Chapter Service Volunteer

The chapter is operated completely by volunteers! The Board of Directors, project leaders, special interest group leaders, and monthly program speakers donate their time and expertise in support of local training and development professionals at all stages of their careers. Many levels of volunteers are needed to successfully function as a vibrant chapter:

Single Event Volunteers

  • Work as a registrar at a monthly meeting
  • Become a greeter at one or more monthly program meetings
  • Assist with committee work for one or more special events or learning conferences
  • Work behind the scenes to secure corporate or other sponsor donations of meeting space, meals, or in-kind donations (such as free printing)

Project Leaders

  • Help create a new service such as resume building, interview skills, or job search strategies
  • Lead a special interest group such as the CPLP study group, mentor new members, or organize a learning leaders’ network

Board of Directors

The chapter Board consists of the President, Past President, President-Elect, Directors of Finance, Membership, Programs, Community Relations & Social Media, and Marketing. Associate positions assist the Directors of  Finance, Programs, and Membership. Active participation of the board members determines the functions of the chapter by majority vote at monthly board meetings. We encourage members and frequent attenders to take an interest in board service by visiting a board function or meeting. Please note that a board position offers benefits toward self-growth and resume building, yet requires responsibilities and commitment to meet the necessary participation level to support the chapter. A brief look at a few board participation expectations follow:
  • Attend 11 board meetings a year either in person or via conference call. Review action items immediately after and at least a week before board meetings. Make a dedicated effort to meet due dates as planned.
  • Most board positions create a short report monthly .
  • Strive to attend at six monthly programs per year to interact with the chapter and represent the Board and chapter in a professional manner.
  • Respond to incoming email messages and Board e-mail or phone calls within 48 hours.
We welcome your enthusiastic support and ideas. For more information about board participation, please contact the current President at mail@tdsac.org or review ATD Sacramento Board of Directors Position Descriptions.

Community Service Volunteer

It is a desire of the chapter and its active participants to identify local charity organizations serving the Sacramento citizens at-large for single event projects. If you know of an organization that needs helping hands, phone bank volunteers, or any number of ways our chapter can serve others, please contact a board member with more information at mail@tdsac.org.

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