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Los Rios Community College – Workforce & Economic Development

The Los Rios CCD’s Government Training Academy (GTA) provides training for public agencies throughout the Sacramento area.  The GTA specializes in bringing findings from the cognitive and behavioral sciences to the workplace where they can be used to build expertise in problem solving, decision making, and continuous improvement. For questions,  contact Bruce Winner at WinnerB@LosRios.edu

For more information, visit their website

University of the Pacific

University of the Pacific is partnering with ATD Sacramento in providing a venue for several events, co-promoting activities, and sharing their professional expertise to benefit ATD Sacramento’s member and non-member learning and development professionals and University of the Pacific’s students.   

For more information, visit their website.

Alliant University

Alliant International University is motivated and fueled by professionals who do meaningful work like you. We have partnered with ATD Sacramento to help you further your professional development and, in turn, help you serve others. Our programs in organizational psychology, behavioral psychology, education, business, and law are dedicated to your continuing development as an agent of impact in your communities.

For more information, visit their website.

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