Continuous Improvement Consultant - CalHR - Sacramento, CA

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Continuous Improvement Consultant - Sacramento, CA

Job Description and Duties

The California Department of Human Resources is currently recruiting for a specialist in the area of Continuous Improvement.  As a Continuous Improvement Consultant for CalHR, you will work to ensure that state government has a robust Lean Academy program that gives civil service employees and their organization the knowledge and tools to create process efficiency and sustainability. You will provide employee development training, specifically related to Lean business and continuous improvement subject matter. You will develop, implement, and provide best practices for statewide employee development initiatives.  You will conduct research and consult with agency and department training program managers, state leadership, and academia to identify California workforce development standards and make available training curriculum and other tools and resources to help agencies and departments evaluate the performance of employees.  You will also deliver a variety of leadership, analytical, and soft skills training such as communications, interpersonal skills training, and firm skill training including business process improvement, and strategic planning training.

Under the general direction of the Staff Services Manager II, the Continuous Improvement Consultant duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Provides subject matter expertise and delivers statewide employee training from the curriculum developed by internal or external sources. Conducts training on Lean business, continuous improvement, and leadership, analytical and soft skills training.  This includes creating sustainable instructor support materials (for example: training for trainers, instructor handbooks, student handbooks, and in-classroom activities) to ensure sustainable, effective training.

  • Consults with internal and external stakeholders regarding best practices for curriculum development. Leads a collaborative effort with statewide training and workforce planning partners, the statewide training ad hoc committee (California Network of Learning Professionals or CNLP), agency and department leaders, division colleagues and training partners to design, develop, implement, evaluate and continuously renew the state’s approach to developing and training employee competencies.  This includes creating statewide employee development curriculum standards, tools, resources, and other creative classroom and non-classroom solutions for developing employee competencies. Collaborates with others to develop the infrastructure to support cost-effective delivery of employee development training alternatives, including; budgeting, course marketing, participant enrollment processes, and faculty contracting. 
  • Creates and oversees strategies to ensure that all levels of staff in state government are receiving the appropriate training in a timely manner, following applicable rules, regulations, and standards.  This includes collecting and analyzing data to periodically validate the relevance of leadership and staff development competencies and assessing competency-related training and development needs by leveraging data from training needs assessments, department leadership, training evaluations, and other sources.  Establishes key performance indicators for measuring the effectiveness of the statewide employee development program.
  • Collaborates with CNLP, vendors, partners, and stakeholders to build and facilitate an employee development community of practice for state employees to share best practices and experience.  Provides expert advice and consultation to help organizations address challenges and achieve their employee development goals and objectives.  Prepares and delivers informative and educational employee development presentations and workshops.  Keeps up with employee development industry trends in order to propose innovative ideas for maximizing the effectiveness of workforce development initiatives.  Works collaboratively with division staff to design, produce and review a wide variety of division marketing and communication deliverables. 

You will find additional information about the job in the Duty Statement.

Department Information

The California Department of Human Resources (CalHR) is responsible for issues related to employee salaries and benefits, job classifications, civil rights, training, exams, recruitment, and retention. For most employees, many of these matters are determined through the collective bargaining process managed by CalHR.

Our Vision: To be the premier leader and trusted partner in innovative human resources management.

Our Mission: To provide exceptional human resources leadership and services with integrity, respect, and accountability to state departments and all current and prospective employees.

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Position Details

Job Code #: JC-184342
Position #(s):
Working Title:
Continuous Improvement Consultant
Staff Services Manager I (
$6,124.00 - $7,608.00)
# of Positions: 1
Work Location:
Sacramento County
Job Type:
Permanent, Full Time


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