November Meeting: Bruce Winner presents “Nudging”: The Behavior-Changing Superpower Training Professionals Can’t Afford to Ignore"

  • 14 Nov 2016
  • 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM
  • 1410 Ethan Way, Sacramento, at the Los Rios CCD’s Workforce and Economic Development Center. Park in the South Parking Lot for direct access to the conference center.
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The Behavior-Changing Superpower
Training Professionals
Can’t Afford to Ignore
Presented by
Bruce Winner

Blog Post:

Bruce Winner: 

Three Powerful “Nudges” You Can Use to Drive Training Results

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DATE:  Monday, November 14, 2016

TIME: 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Lunch provided by ATD Sacramento

LOCATION:  Los Rios Workforce
and Economic Development Center,
1410 Ethan Way, Sacramento

ATD Sacramento knows Bruce Winner well. Bruce has brought many great speakers and new ideas to us in his many years with the chapter. On Monday, Nov 14th, he is sharing a science-based superpower for trainers in a special two-hour workshop (at the regular monthly meeting price!). You will discover how to apply a powerful behavioral science technique, “nudging,” used by forward-thinking organizations worldwide to influence positive behavioral change.

Based upon the best selling books like Nudge, Predictably Irrational, and The Science of Getting People to Take Action! (Bri Williams), “Nudging” is a behavioral science approach to encouraging action now. 

As talent development professionals, we understand that learning doesn’t end when the class is over.  Most learning happens outside of the classroom. 

What’s in it for you?

If you have ever experienced the challenges of encouraging your audience to apply what they have learned immediately after the class and put knowledge into play, then this session is for you!  Join our interactive workshop with hands-on activities and practice built into the session.

Nudging DefinedThe Science of Getting People to Take Action! (Bri Williams)

How about you and your training practice or business;
could you use a proven and science-based approach for getting people to take action?

Workshop Information

Nudging (the workshop):  

  • Nudging is a new, but proven, and powerful approach to get employees to do more of what is good for them and your organization.

  • It provides an innovative means to motivate and engage employees to achieve superior performance.

  • Nudging can be seamlessly incorporated into your training or used as a stand-alone performance improvement device.

  • It is inexpensive, scalable, and based upon proven science and field-tested workplace trials.

Nudging is based on years of research and testing in behavioral economics; it uses an understanding of people’s unconscious biases to offer new means to influence employee or client behavior. Organizations (public and private) employ nudging techniques to increase the application of training, to boost employee participation in savings, insurance, or other company-sponsored programs, to reduce negative health-related behaviors, and to influence actions that directly affect enterprise-level metrics.

In this workshop, you will learn the three-step “nudge” process: 

(1) use knowledge of bias to craft a nudge, 

(2) apply the nudge to change behavior or influence decision-making, and 

(3) test the result before scaling the crafted solution.

Session Objectives

Workshop participants will:

1) Discover a new way to influence the behavior of employees (and even clients)

2) Determine how, where, and when to apply the “nudge” method

3) Practice the “nudge” method in the workshop

Who should attend?

Training professionals at any level in the organization; those interested in engaging with a cutting-edge and evidence-based technique that has shown proven, low-cost, and scalable performance improvement results.


Interactive workshop (lecture with discussion, table top work, and interactive exercises)

Presenter Bio

Bruce Winner, MBA, is the Custom Training Manager, Government Training Academy, Los Rios Community College District’s Government Training Academy. Bruce is one of ATD Sacramento’s own.  He served on the ATD Sacramento Board of Directors for six years and was President in 2011. Bruce is a seasoned speaker and trainer in Northern California on topics such as using the behavioral sciences in training, innovative problem solving, decision making, and measuring the value of training. 

In addition to speaking and training, his training career has included program development, founding a training business, and managing a training department. His specialty is crafting training and other performance solutions based on empirical findings from the behavioral sciences and then measuring those results in the workplace. 

He has recently produced a catalog of courses based on findings from the behavioral sciences including: Overcoming Unconscious Bias to Make Better Decisions, The Science and Art of Motivation, Nudging: The New Superpower for Professionals, and several others based on grit, resilience, and positive psychology. 

Earlier in Bruce’s career, he was the founder and president of the American Brewers Guild, the nation’s first brewing school for the brewpub and micro-brewing industry. He began his training career in West Africa with the Peace Corps and USAID, where he spent six years as an agricultural extension agent and project manager who promoted oxen as an intermediate-technology development solution.

Would you like to get a sense of Nudging?

Could You Use “The Science of Getting People to Take Action” in your Training Practice? by Bruce Winner

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