January Meeting: The Big Give and Annual Pizza Day

  • 25 Jan 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • 1410 Ethan Way, Sacramento, at the Los Rios CCD’s Workforce and Economic Development Center. Park in the South Parking Lot for direct access to the conference center.
  • 13


  • Member Benefit - bring one free guest per calendar year.
  • If you have attended 6 paid events with ASTD Sacramento, you qualify for a free ASTD Sacramento monthly event. Please contact mail@astdsac.org for your discount code.
  • includes ATD National members, who are not members of the Sacramento Chapter

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ATD Sacramento

The Big Give





Share tips, tools, and advice! Make 2016 the year you give!

YOU contribute one 60-second tip and walk away with
over 70 ideas for your talent development practice in 2016!

Join us for our lowest priced event of the year!  We are expecting a big crowd, 

providing great networking opportunities!

Some new surprises planned for 2016 - 

including a look ahead at monthly and 

special events for the year

What will happen at The Big Give?

  • You will bring a tip or piece of advice to share orally with the group (your favorite blog, the best app you found in 2015, a great book or article, a training tip, or see EXAMPLES of GIVES for the Big Give.
  • A 60-second limit will be imposed.
  • You will receive information on Member Benefits, Monthly Programs for 2016, Special Events for the year, and more...

  • You will enjoy Good Pizza and plenty of it!

Avid readers horde books like a squirrel hordes nuts, but even the most relentless bibliophile can run out of space. In the spirit of giving, we will also be hosting a Book Swap! Plan to bring a training or development book (or books) you would like to pass on to another talent development professional, then take home an equal number of books for yourself. An excellent way to start out your new year, by sharing knowledge!

Note: Due to ongoing member requests, we will provide Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten-Free lunch options. Please remember to indicate your dietary preferences or restrictions as you register for the program.

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