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16 Feb 2015 4:50 PM | Anonymous
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Salary: $4,488.00 - $5,618.00
Posted: 01/26/2015

Job Description:
The Department of Health Care Services (DHCS), Director’s Office (DO), Office of Strategic Planning, Workforce Development (OSPWD) is recruiting for a Training Officer I in the Leadership and Training Unit. We will consider an Associate Governmental Program Analyst (AGPA). If you are interested in a challenging and exciting work environment and are ready to work with an energetic team of professionals, this is an excellent opportunity to apply. If interested, mail a State application 678, résumé, 3 professional references, proof of eligibility, and Supplemental Questionnaire to: Candace Marty at the address below. Incomplete or electronic submissions WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

Applicants are required to submit a complete STD678 application form and résumé. Application forms that do not state the applicant’s duties or experience in the duties performed fields will be rejected. Applications stating, “please see résumé” in the duties performed fields will not be considered. Please clearly indicate position number 803-013-5197-001 and basis of eligibility (list eligibility, reinstatement, SROA, lateral transfer, etc.) on the STD678 application form. Failure to indicate the position number and basis of eligibility on the application will result in disqualification. Failure to submit a résumé with your application will also result in the disqualification of the application. Applications must be fully complete, signed and dated by the applicant. Please submit application, résumé, and any questions about the position or this job announcement to the contact person listed. The duty statement is posted below.

Required Supplemental Application : 
The examination process will consist of a Supplemental Questionnaire. Applicants are required to respond to the following two supplemental items. These supplemental items are designed to identify job achievement in specific areas that demonstrate ability to successfully perform at the Training Officer I level. Responses to the supplemental items will be assessed based on pre-determined, job-related rating criteria. In appraising the relative qualifications of candidates, consideration will be given to the extent and type of pertinent experience and education over and above that which is required under the minimum qualifications. 

Each applicant for this position must complete and submit his/her responses to the following supplemental item(s). Applications received without responses to the supplemental items will be rejected

When responding to the supplemental items, applicants must follow these guidelines:
* Responses must be typewritten or generated by word processing on 8-1/2 x 11paper, using no smaller than a 12-point font. 
* Responses may not be more than two pages per item (information provided exceeding this limitation will be removed). 
* Answer each numbered item separately indicating the corresponding item number for each response. 
* Identify each page with your full name, position number and classification. 
* Ensure your responses are complete, specific, clear, and concise. 

1. Describe your experience coordinating and/or developing training. 
2. Describe your experience delivering training. 

Please note: If chosen to interview, you will be required to give a presentation. 

Job Summary : 
Under the direction of the Staff Services Manager I, Office of Workforce Planning and Development (OWPD), Leadership & Training Unit, the Training Officer will be responsible for carrying out specific actions identified in the Department of Health Care Service’s (DHCS) commitments which communicate the process and status to its employees and the public and people we serve. The incumbent will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing a significant portion of the DHCS annual training plan related directly to the OWPD workforce plan – identifying DHCS training needs, employee/classification core competencies and assist programs with developing action plans and strategies to train staff. In addition, the incumbent will be responsible for leading the effort to evaluate, modifying (as necessary) and/or maintain the annual training plan for DHCS. The training plan will provide program staff with comprehensive information on upward-mobility, strengthening critical competencies, bridging training courses, job-readiness, training resources, job/career mentoring, and an annual review process related to the individual development plan process. The incumbent will be lead over the development of tools to measure and track the office’s training performance efforts, including identifying, creating, nurturing, and developing procedures to encourage sharing best practices and tying those best practices to DHCS’ Strategic Plan. The OWPD is a customer service-based organization that seeks quality employees looking for an opportunity to be creative and proactive in meeting our customer’s needs. 

Description of Duties :
40% Develops, maintains and monitors DHCS’ Annual Training Plan and Workforce Plan. Designs, develops, and delivers in-house training, e.g., New Employee Orientation, Completed Staff Work, Introduction to Analytical Staff Work, Presentation Skills, Customer Service Excellence, etc. Conducts research and performs detailed and complex data analysis on training needs assessments/gap assessments in order to recommend future training needs, additionally, act as the lead when developing evaluation tools to measure training outcome and behavioral and learning transfer performances. Lead in the development of training strategies to ensure DHCS’ employees gain knowledge, skills, and abilities to help them with job-matriculation readiness, and develop processes to allow employees the opportunity to fully develop those qualities. Provide guidance, consultation, and recommendations, training and act as liaison to stakeholders, management and training teams and in-house Subject Matter Experts when planning, organizing and implementing the DHCS’ enterprise-wide training plan.

30% Develops, implements, monitors and updates training policies and procedures related to DHCS’ strategic plan. Using tools/tracking systems provides management with training performance reports, statistical findings and trends. Participates in the implementation of succession plan strategies to ensure program has the right leadership in place at both the mid-level and executive-level designed to ensure continued effective performance of the organization by making provisions, identify competency “gaps” and create leadership training for the development and replacement of key managers over time, thereby determining the readiness of current staff to assume those manager positions.

15% Develops and implements knowledge transfers strategies which may include: formats, mediums, tools and processes to capture, document, catalog and transfer the institutional memory and knowledge of incumbents in the selected leadership/key positions. Determine the internal capacity for providing opportunities to current employees to develop the competencies required for leadership positions (mentoring, coaching, key assignments, formal training, and employee evaluation/feedback processes). 

15% Develops a Communication Plan that will provide detail to the department on OWPD’s roadmap for implementing and monitoring/evaluating its training performance. Collaborate with state and private vendors to bring training to department employees. This includes: negotiating price, securing facilities and equipment, monitoring and updating curriculum based on customer needs, and evaluation of course content and instructional practices.

Other Information : 
The incumbent may be required to work with and be exposed to sensitive and confidential issues and/or materials and is expected to maintain confidentiality at all times. 
Conducts business in a professional and service-oriented manner in representing the Department, establishes and builds rapport through open communication, promotes teamwork and cross-functional collaboration and communication in support of DHCS strategic goals, demonstrates principles of completed staff work. 

Job Application packets must be post marked by the final filing date. Hand delivered application packets must be submitted no later than 5:00PM on the final filing date. 

Additional Information:

Working Title Position Number
Training Officer I 803 - 013 - 5197 - 001
Will also consider hiring a(n)
Location County
Timebase Tenure
Full Time Permanent   month(s)
Final Filing Date: Department Link:
02/16/2015 None Specified
Contact Unit/Address Contact Name/Phone
Director's Office/Leadership Workforce Dev.
P.O. Box 997413, MS 0000
Sacramento, 95814
Candace Marty
916 552-8714


  • 16 Feb 2015 4:55 PM | Anonymous
    Due date is/was 2/16/2015. Sometimes the deadline is extended if they haven't found a suitable candidate. It may be worth the inquiry.

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